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WeServed.NZ Website

A new website has just been launched which is setting out to provide a centralised directory of service providers for defence force personnel and their families (current and former). WeServed.NZ is a joint initiative by several groups working in this field and was sponsored by the Ranfurly Veterans’ Trust.

The NZ Herald story on the launch is here.

From the website:

The idea of a service directory for veterans and current armed forces personnel arose out of a discussion with Veterans’ Affairs and other veteran support organisations. A number of groups in New Zealand engage with veterans and serving personnel, and offer a wide range of services, including in the areas of mental and physical health, family support, assistance with finance and housing, and peer support, especially when times are tough.

Most have their own websites, but there hasn’t been a central directory, where veterans and serving personnel could find contact details of service providers. Once the need was identified, was born. directly links to all the organisations participating in the website. The service directory on the site identifies the sorts of services which might be needed, and then links those who are searching to those who can provide those services.

This is a great initiative and kudos is due to those who made it happen. It’s going to be interesting to see how the content grows over time. Please share widely around your networks to ensure that everyone who needs help knows about it.

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