Merry Kiwi Christmas to Deployed Personnel

Christmas Deployed – Thanks!

This is a shout-out to all Kiwis deployed over Christmas and New Year. While most are heading to family, friends and nice places for the holiday season, there are hundreds away representing New Zealand’s interests overseas. Many are in dangerous or unpleasant locations and the best their families can hope for is a skype call.

I did a Christmas deployed and, in the days of no internet, a five minute phone call on a crackly line was the best on offer. In earlier days, a Christmas letter and maybe an RSA parcel was the go. No matter what era we look at, being away is especially difficult today. We see a bit in the news about the 250-odd Defence Force personnel currently on operations. Don’t forget also about the Police, Customs, intelligence, diplomatic staff and so many other people who are also contributing to our national security and international relations.

On behalf of all Kiwis – Thanks! I hope you have the best Christmas possible in your locations and return safely to your families soon.