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My podcast on New Zealand’s national security – titled ‘Indefensible New Zealand’ is now live. Those of you who follow me on various social media will know that this series has been coming for a while. It seems fitting to launch it on the Queen’s official birthday (as Commander-in-Chief). It’s also D-Day (6 June) in the northern hemisphere so a doubly good reason for a brain invasion.

There are three episodes up currently that introduce the series and traverse my analysis of what the Commonwealth Republic of Aotearoa New Zealand will look like in 2050, the state of the world and the national security implications of that for us. The plan is for at least one episode per week so please subscribe in order to get notifications of new posts, tell your friends and share on social media.

Those of you on Apple or Google podcasts will have to wait a few more days for your favourite directory. However, it’s live on Spotify and a dozen other directories now and you can also go directly to the podcast host – Buzzsprout

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the naming poll I conducted. There’s some great ideas in your responses which I intend to use for episode titles.

If you have any questions you would like included in this podcast, please send them through the contacts page on this site. Also tell me if there’s anyone in particular you’d like me to interview on the series.

I also highly commend the podcast by Australian Senator Jim Molan who is a retired Major General. His six-episode show, ‘Noise Before Defeat‘ covers similar issues in Australia and I refer to his work throughout the series.

Yes, I’m aware of the annoying hum in some sections of the audio. I’m working on it but wanted to get the content out there!

Blatant Advertising Bit: Have you read my short story trilogy “A Poke in the Fifth Eye”? It’s available in Kindle format for only 99c. A ripping good yarn about dirty bomb drone swarms in Wellington New Zealand, a couple of destroyed spy bases, an air force base on fire and only a hastily assembled bunch of Kiwi reservists standing between the terrorists and their ultimate goal. Doing well in the Amazon 45-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads rankings.

Coming soon – a Kiwi crime thriller involving gangs, drugs and some not so straight cops!

A Poke in the Fifth Eye by Simon Roberts. Book Cover. Available on Amazon Kindle
A Poke in the Fifth Eye by Simon Roberts. Book Cover. Available on Amazon Kindle