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S1E7 – National Security Posture or Pose?

The focus of this episode is national security posture options for New Zealand. Simon Ewing-Jarvie and Heather Roy discuss four options:
1.  Maintaining armed alignment with traditional allies and partners
2. Seeking new treaties, allies and partners more closely aligned to protecting our current economic interests
3. Adopting a strategy of armed non-alignment
4. Armed neutrality

The hosts discuss the risks and gains of each option; highlighting the usefulness of assessing these in a red team exercise, war game or simulation.

Audience members who wish to delve deeper into this topic are invited to read the article ‘Divergent Options’ at or search for the host’s publication on the topic at Another recommended work is by Dr Reuben Steff in the New Zealand National Security Journal titled “The Biden Administration and New Zealand’s Strategic Options: Asymmetric Hedging, Tight Five Eyes Alignment and Armed Neutrality.

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A Poke in the Fifth Eye by Simon Roberts. Book Cover. Available on Amazon Kindle