Season 1 Episode 10 - Indefensible New Zealand National Security Podcast: Defending New Zealand 2 - The Prickly Kiwi

S1E10 – Defending New Zealand 2: The Prickly Kiwi



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In the second part of ‘Defending New Zealand’, I discuss how the country might configure itself to deal with an invading force that has the intention of putting boots on the ground.

This discussion touches on overt kinetic attacks such as missiles, rockets and bombs, digital attack and covert (fifth column or enemy SOF) attacks on military and civil infrastructure.

New Zealand’s need for self-reliance in manufacturing the materiel needed to defend itself is premised on the potential for an air/sea blockade. To be safe, the country needs to be able to out-range any force attempting to approach and make the price of such an approach too high to pay. In order to do this, New Zealand needs to intensively develop its missile capability (including warheads and fuel), harness existing space capability and grow it along with massive investment in un-crewed systems in all domains.

New Zealand must strive for at least parity in the cyber battlespace, harden its command and control systems and push for excellence in targetting. In essence, the biggest mistake that New Zealand could make is to prepare and configure for wars being fought now. It must develop a uniquely New Zealand strategy for a war that the world has not yet seen except in movies.

New Zealand must become the ‘Prickly Kiwi’ that everyone acknowledges is too hard to attack.

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A Poke in the Fifth Eye by Simon Roberts. Book Cover. Available on Amazon Kindle
A Poke in the Fifth Eye by Simon Roberts. Book Cover. Available on Amazon Kindle