UNCLAS Strategy Article Free to the Public 13 May 2023

More Strategy – Less Strategic Planning

Strategy is easy. Good strategy is hard.

You can’t call something a strategy and make it so any more than painting a ship grey means it’s a warship. New Zealand is very bad at strategy. So bad, in fact, that it doesn’t even have one. This is a function of career politicians on both sides of the House who stand for nothing other than being in power.

There are plans masquerading as strategy. There are reviews and assessments and principles. No-one in any New Zealand government that I can recall has ever articulated a grand strategy for this country. As a result, our national security agencies are left to discuss what capabilities they think Treasury – the tail that wags the national security dog – will recommend to Government.

Controlling the language means controlling the debate. That’s why it’s important that Kiwis don’t accept the misuse, misrepresentation and complete absence of real strategy by politicians and officials.

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