Dr Simon Ewing-Jarvie


This site started out as a personal blog for the Founding Editor – Dr Simon Ewing-Jarvie.

On 6 June 2020 (hat tip to D-Day in 1944), it changes to become a crowd-sourced platform for publishing a wide range of media that have one common thread – New Zealand’s national security.

Anyone, whether currently serving or previously employed in one of the arms of state, academics, family, students or just interested can submit their material for publication. We will consider opinion pieces, working papers, vlogs, podcasts and fiction. It doesn’t matter if you’ve published it elsewhere first (as long as the other site doesn’t mind). Author guidelines will be developed once we can see the general themes.

The only central requirement is that your submission has something to do with New Zealand’s national security – including defence, police, customs, biosecurity, pandemics(!) and so much more. If you’re in a sensitive role and want to publish anonymously, just add a paragraph or two explaining to the editors why that’s important to you.

Comments are not enabled here at this stage because there is too much useful time taken up with moderation. This may change once the moderator team gets a bit bigger. To sound out your submission or ask a sensible question, please email the Editor through the contacts page.

A submissions page will be up soon. In the meantime please contact us through the site.

About the Founding Editor – LtCol (Retd) Simon Ewing-Jarvie PhD

There’s a complete CV available over on LinkedIn.

My current fields of research involve cyber warfare and the implications for New Zealand and its region.  I am also working on the social and political implications of continuous, asymmetric, disconnected conflict as the new, ongoing form of world war. I routinely monitor the sustainability of the New Zealand Defence Force including its capability and fitness for purpose within the context of the Asia-Pacific region. I am available for other related research on a case-by-case basis.

Check out also my security-related short stories which address serious issues in a fictional way under the nom de plume of Simon Roberts. Here’s a link to my Author page at Amazon. I have a profile at ORCid and also at Academia.edu.

In my day to day work I am a disruptive strategy consultant, outcome simulation (business war game) designer and organisational performance coach. You can read all about this aspect of my work at my TorquePoint company website and here’s a short video about us.