UNCLAS is Changing

There is a greater need than ever for an independent national security research centre (‘Think Tank’) focussed on New Zealand. The role of this blog has changed over time – from a repository for my past and present writings on a range of subjects through to an openly political forum for holding politicians to account – no matter what their party – on their failure to properly plan and resource New Zealand’s national security.

That is all changing

The rate of change in our security environment needs to be reflected in the tempo of government but it is not. The reality is that politicians only take action when the voters force them to. In order to do that, voters need to be better informed about national security issues. Most won’t be reading textbooks or academic journals and there is little appetite for in-depth coverage by main stream media unless it is a scandal involving a security agency. I intend to fill that gap.

After more than 30k visitors and over 84k article views it’s time for a change. From here on – this site will operate as a blog only. The detailed research articles which I base on official information act requests, open-source intelligence and other research will now be published on the UNCLAS page at Patreon.com. Intro posts here will alert you that there is new patron-only material available if you are not yet a supporter.

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Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. For as little as $5USD per month you can become a patron of UNCLAS. That will enable me to spend more time on doing the research, writing the articles and, over time, creating an independent national security think tank for New Zealand. Not only will you be helping to build this centre, you will get:

  • Early access
  • Private community
  • Exclusive content

Only patrons will be able to read newly released articles for up to one week. Some will then be made public but others, including behind the scenes discussions and updates will always be ‘patron only.’

And if you’re not ready to commit to being a regular patron but would like to chip in to help from time to time – please consider ‘buying me a whisky’ over at Buy Me A Coffee 

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UNCLAS Social Media Will Link Up

I know everyone has their preferences when it comes to news and info. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see more change as I link up my various social media channels. So please also keep an eye on

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And the podcast ‘Indefensible New Zealand’ will re-start soon. It’s available on all major podcast platforms but hosted on Buzzsprout.

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I hope you can see how this will benefit everyone and get in behind the venture by liking, subscribing and supporting wherever you can and passing these links on to your friends and contacts. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss anything.